Shocking news about the Rolling Stones!

Rock\’s fake rebels

The Rolling Stones were always more reactionary than revolutionary, as Keith Richards proves

Blimey, that\’s a revelation, isn\’t it? About a band whose first album was nothing but note for note covers of blues standards?

4 thoughts on “Shocking news about the Rolling Stones!”

  1. They produced fine music for squirming around to at parties. Their affectation of being “rebels” was thought preposterous by my student friends back then, though I suppose that there were some schoolchildren gormless enough to be taken in.

  2. I love the Stones. Good Thatcherite boys, one and all. Peace and love, that was for the pussies from Scouseland.

  3. Bout time somebody had a go at the Stones awful cover versions.They would today be known as an R’n’B tribute band.As its Chuck Berry Day compare his original version of” Come on” with the scandalous Stones copy which was not a revival because Chuck Berry’s was still in the shops.Then there was the dreadful cover of a the Beatles’ “I wanna be your man”plus the pointless re-jig of Buddy Holly’s “Not fade away” and the massacre of the Valentinos “Its all over now”.
    Mick Jagger’s voice is dreadful.They only got anywhere because they had a good record collection.

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