Slightly bizarre

California plans to use the drug in the execution of a convicted murderer, Albert Brown. The use-by date on its existing supply expired last month.

\”We can\’t kill you today, the drugs are out of date. Might harm you you know\”.

5 thoughts on “Slightly bizarre”

  1. It’s like the bit where they swab the poor bugger’s arm with alcohol just before they insert the needle.

    I mean, why? I know there’s some nasty infections out there, but I doubt even “Super Bug” will get him before the lethal drugs do.

  2. The basic idea of an execution is to end their life humanely and not to torture them.

    It’s actually quite difficult to achieve a painless death but the distinction is important, which is why civilised countries to to such great length to get it right, instead of using (say) the nearest building crane.

    To the person who thinks that disinfecting the injection site is pointless: Not swabbing would be mental cruelty, and we do it for the same reason that we allow them to order and eat a last meal of their choosing. Same goes with the last smoke, or at least used to.

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