Slightly dim

Rodney O\’Brien bought Springfield House, in Kingsdon, Somerset, a six bedroom mansion dating from the 1840\’s and set in 6.31 acres, in 1997.

At the High Court in London he said he felt \”lucky\” when he moved in, but he later discovered the Grade 2 listed, £1.75 million, property was under the flight path of military aircraft from RNAS Yeovilton, three miles away.

Check whether you\’re under a flight path before buying the house perhaps?

2 thoughts on “Slightly dim”

  1. When you consider that Yeovilton was, for many years, described as the busiest airport in Europe and the busiest heliport in the world (in terms of movements rather than pax or value), I’m amazed it hadn’t collapsed before if a 2008 air show could cause such damage.

    Of course, the Telegraph illustrating the story about Hawk fighters with a picture of a Harrier is quite amusing.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Perhaps he is smart. After all, buy a cheap house under the flight path of an airport. Get said airport closed down. Watch house leap upwards in price.

    You really think that he won’t win in the court of public opinion if not the legal arena over this?

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