Still not convinced you know Peter

Separate research from the Soil Association showed most livestock in Britain is now fed on genetically modified (GM) soy grown in South America.

Raising livestock in such ‘factory farm’ conditions is contributing to deforestation as trees are chopped down to make way for the soy crop. It also uses up more water and produces more greenhouse gases that grazing animals at home.

And the solution is?

She called for new legislation to encourage more people to cut down on meat and cut subsidies to ‘factory farmers’ in favour of farms where animals are put out to graze.

The Soil Association being Peter Melchett\’s little outfit.

No, no, I know what you\’re going to say here. Tim, you\’re being too cynical. Too unwilling to grant that people might do what is best, not what is just best for them.

But I am less than convinced by the argument being made. That an Old Etonian landowning peer runs an organisation which recommends more subsidy to Old Etonian land owning peers doesn\’t surprise me at all. Pre Corn Laws abolition High Tories are pre Corn Laws abolition High Tories after all.

What does depress me is that he\’s got damn near every leftie in the country cheering him on. Can\’t they see the naked self-interest in his position?

2 thoughts on “Still not convinced you know Peter”

  1. “Can’t they see the naked self-interest in his position?”

    Sure they can. But since it coincides with what they themselves favour, they are prepared to overlook it…

  2. Nobodies cattle are “fed on” soybean meal. That is a phrase which is commonly used to refer to the major part of the diet. Soy meal would seldom be more than 10% of a steers diet; mostly much less.
    Lord Melchett knows all this of course, so I assume he is just being careless. Surely a peer of the the realm wouldn’t be trying to deceive.

    Incidentally I seem to remember, a few years ago, a lot of fuss about land being cleared in Brazil to graze cattle. Now it seems that grazing cattle saves forests. It is hard to keep up.

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