Taking anti-discrimination perhaps too far?

It is expected to lead to discrimination claims from dyslexic workers who have been barred from carrying out certain tasks because of their tendency to make spelling mistakes.

I\’m all with the idea of working to ban/reduce taste discrimination (to use the economist\’s word for it) but banning rational discrimination does seem a step too far.

Let us, for example, posit an important national database: the one about adults working with kiddies for example. Yes, I know, we don\’t want this in the first place but given that we\’ve got it, do we really want dyslexics doing the data entry?

Making it illegal to decide that perhaps there are other, more suitable, things for them to be doing seems, umm, well, no, not odd, but absolutely barking fucking crazy.

Yes, this was one of Harriet Harman\’s laws. Why do you ask?

3 thoughts on “Taking anti-discrimination perhaps too far?”

  1. I wonder if I’ll have grounds for action against the BBC Symphony Orchestra – they wouldn’t employ me as Leader because I’m a crap violinist.

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