Tee hee

We love a \”wife and girlfriend\”, and no serious Woman of the Year awards – organised by women themselves, I might add – is complete without Coleen Rooney, Abigail Clancy or Danielle Lineker clomping up the red carpet to honour their nominations for most inspirational being. Oh pipe down, you female transorbital neuroendoscopy specialists at the back, Coleen has a children\’s book deal and will almost certainly help choose the colour of the cover.

And so, we give the message to young girls that it\’s better to be an accoutrement to a man with a skill, than actually to be skilful. I don\’t have a daughter, so I don\’t know how you tackle the question: \”But Mummy, why hasn\’t Coleen split up with Wayne if the the paper thinks he likes to go to bed with other girls?\” But Aunty Grace\’s answer would be: \”Well, Coleen\’s entire media value comes from being connected to him, so she probably knows that if she leaves him she\’ll be absolutely shafted.\”

2 thoughts on “Tee hee”

  1. Why is anyone surprised that women are ranked highly when their mates are so ranked?
    Human beings are social and hierarchical animals, and the long-term female mate of a social animal adopts the rank of the male.

    Doesn’t apply the other way round – Denis Thatcher wasn’t listed as a “powerful man” because of his relationship with Margaret.

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