Telegraph Watch

HRH the Queen meets Sir Norman Wisdom after the state opening of Isle of Wight Parliament Photo: PA

No, I don\’t think so somehow.

1) Sir Norman lived on the Isle of Man.

2) The Isle of Wight doesn\’t have a Parliament.

Shows that there might be a small problemette with having the paper subbed in Australia by people without this sort of local knowledge, eh?

3 thoughts on “Telegraph Watch”

  1. It demonstrates that Aussies subs are as stupid as Emma Thompson, I suppose.

    Though even Dim Em would presumably have avoided the HRH blunder.

  2. Well spotted, serf.

    Sooo, is that The Tax Haven Isle Of Man we’re talking about? Did that make him one of those wicked tax avoiders that the UK’s Leading Tax Accountant ™ bang’s on about?

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