Tell the European Union what you think of it.

Via, yes, they\’re having a public consultation.

This online consultation is part of the preparatory process for the future \”Europe for Citizens\” programme 2014-2020. This second step of the consultation builds on the results of the public meeting organised on June 22, 2010 (\”harvest letter\” of the meeting). Next step will be a full impact assessment by the Commission, with a view to make its proposal in October 2011. The aim of this consultation is to collect the views of a broad range of stakeholders, potential beneficiaries and interested third parties about the general objectives, delivery mechanism, themes and financial issues which the next programme generation should encompass. The results of this consultation will, together with the other results of the impact assessment, feed into the Commission proposal for a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on a new Programme 2014-2020.

Well, go on then, get stuck in.

After all, one of the advantages of the internet is that no one can see you\’re writing in green ink.

8 thoughts on “Tell the European Union what you think of it.”

  1. I hope you all fill in the “We think it is wondeful that you are spending 215 million Euro on this project, please spend more of our money” button

  2. It seemed appropriate somehow that the word “compulsory” cropped up so often in the context of the EU.

  3. “In your opinion, is the current budget of 215 million € (for the period 2007-2013) sufficient and appropriate?”

    Presumably they will interpret a NO as meaning the budget is insufficient…

  4. I posted the following comment:
    “The EU is systematically undermining the responsibility of national governments and national populations. The result is an under-protected, over-regulated melange without many if the fundamental attributes of a civilization. The institutions of the EU systematically attack the component cultures of Europe, seeking to undermine their distinct heritages and strengths without offering a replacement synthesis. The EU signally fails to address external existential threats and imposes an increasingly authoritarian and repressive internal structure. It flourishes on the support of minority interest groups and feeds the answers it wants to get back to various client groups within the European population. In short, by most cultural and moral norms, the EU project is wicked and destructive of democracy.”
    Somehow I feel I may have missed the point of the exercise.

  5. Ahhhh, filling that out is VERY therapeutic.

    Trouble is, I will be filed under “Don’t know”.

    Alan Douglas

  6. Well I want them all to be boiled in a giant bucket of piss but there does not seem to be a radio button for that particular option.

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