The cure for being a lefty

Apparently there\’s a gene that causes being a lefty.

The gene does not automatically make the carrier a Lefty; rather, it triggers the adolescent brain\’s reward mechanism in the presence of novel experiences and viewpoints. The treatment is simple: lock teenage sufferers in a drab room, furnished with the works of Hayek and Friedman. True, their social skills will be somewhat stunted. But the benefits will last a lifetime.

Looking around me (and looking deep into my own soul) umm, isn\’t that what already explains those righties that exist?

4 thoughts on “The cure for being a lefty”

  1. Personally finding out that pro single mums get nicer homes than workers helped me see the light.

    Particularly when

  2. “in the presence of novel experiences and viewpoints”: “novel”, the Left? Bloody Hell, they’ve been shovelling the same shit for decades. What sort of gormlessly conservative ass associates the Left with novelty? A leftie, presumably.

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