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The guayabera

Just a little Cuban fashion tip here:

In the revolution\’s heyday an olive-green uniform was the favoured official garment but Cuba has now embraced a looser, floppier look: the guayabera.

The foreign ministry has ordered officials to wear the pleated shirt, which has four big pockets and is worn untucked, to state functions. A resolution which was made law today made the guayabera an official dress garment, AP reported.

Of course, Cuba being the vile dictatorship that it is whatever is decided upon becomes compulsory rather than simply suggested.

But if confirms an odd idea I\’ve always had about male clothing. The point and purpose of a jacket is to provide pockets for those vitals, the fags, phone, lighter, change, keys etc which we non-Mediterranean males do not have handbags to dump into.

In a tropical climate the jacket is really most uncomfortable: thus a shirt with pockets is highly desirable.

The guayabera, the suit jacket, depending upon climate, are thus the functional equivalent of the handbag.

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