Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Legalise drugs now. There\’s £20 billion to be had by doing so.

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  1. Just a quick question re drugs, please remember I am generally in favour of private consumption.

    How do you prosecute a drugged driver on the roadside like you would with alcohol, at present there is no known equivalent method of cannabis detection other than a blood test, which requires a doctor.

    Most initial drug detection involves a mundane “dexterity test” that could be applied to any drug (for example, in George Michael’s case it was a sedative that probably contributed to his accident, rather than dope). This can only realistically be done “down the station”, which is a resource drain for the police.

    Drug driving will undoubtedly become a major concern after legalisation, probably adding to, not replacing, the already large number of accidents caused by drink, so I feel some form of policy needs to be in place first. Considering the screw ups over swapping weed from Class B to C and back again, I don’t see this happening soon.

    I actually believe this is one of the important points stopping legalisation, if you are really serious about campaigning, then it does need addressing.

    Tim adds: Drug driving already occuers to huge extent. So I’m not convinced it will increase all that much. But if they’ve got to go down the station, then fine. The savings on all of the other police time will more than make up for it.

  2. “This can only realistically be done “down the station”, which is a resource drain for the police.”

    This pales when compared to the vast wastes of police time elsewhere (hassling photographers, menacing Chritian street preachers, investigating pensioners for hate crimes, etc.).

    I would dearly love for someone to take out a private prosecution against the police for wasting police time.

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