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At the ASI.

Just yet another reason why we don\’t need the EU.

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  1. Interesting little factoid which I think will come in handy, good point about external trade barriers, and nothing to do whatever with leaving the EU.

  2. Agreed,but the basic premise that we went into the EU because of geographical proximity does n’t stack up.We went in because the Imperial markets , shaped by the Ottawa Accords into something like a customs union by imperial preference, were taken over by Roosevelt who would n’t enter the war at the time of the Atlantic Charter unless these markets were opened up to American goods and services .So it was Hobson’s choice.

  3. “were taken over by Roosevelt who wouldn’t enter the war at the time of the Atlantic Charter unless these markets were opened up to American goods and services.”
    What are you talking about? Roosevelt wanted to enter the war in 1939. He couldn’t because of domestic political opposition which wasn’t overcome until Pearl Harbor.

  4. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Not quite, DBC Reed. We entered the Common Market because the traitors advocating the policy lied and lied and lied.

  5. @ZT
    Minimal checking on the Net would lead to the Wikipedia entry on The Atlantic Charter,which kicks off with statements like:” The Atlantic Charter established a vision for a post-world 11 world ,despite the fact that the Unites States had yet to to enter the war.”
    “Point 4 Trade barriers to be lowered ….by both victor and vanquished.”
    Details of Roosevelt’s gunning for Imperial preference in the Atlantic Charter Conference off Newfoundland in Aug 1941 are contained in son Elliott Roosevelt’s book quoted in L.Wolfe’s American Almanac article “The Other War : FDR’s Battle against Churchill and the British Empire” on the Net:
    “Roosevelt initiated the discussion by cleverly turning the British Free Trade ideology against themselves , demanding an end to Empire preferences”.
    So Churchill managed to lose Imperial preferences without Roosevelt agreeing to enter the war.Another Churchillian triumph.
    Roosevelt was aiming to knock out both the British Empire and the USSR by bleeding the latter to death (at the rate of 1o,oo0 Russian military deaths a day) by delaying the Second Front across the Channel .

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