Timmy is a bad man

Apparently this blog is blocked on T-Mobile 3G because I\’m a bad man.

Any other blocks on it anyone know of?

7 thoughts on “Timmy is a bad man”

  1. Could be because of Blogrolling, if you use it. There is a script problem which Chrome stops. Blogrolling intends to wind itself up. See their status pp.

  2. The ip address of my phone was blocked as ‘abusive’ after browsing your site. A local ex-poly blocks your site as abusive.

    No doubt Islamist sites are allowed though.

  3. Talking of bad men, there is a scandal brewing at Oxford about expenses, and the chap at the centre of the storm is called Cashmore. Brilliant, eh? Of course, I don’t know whether the bad men are this Cashmore chappy and any chums he might have, or the twenty Fellows on the Brasenose Governing Body who want to see the back of him.

  4. To be clear: it’s my PAYG T-mobile SIM that blocks here because PAYG sans ID = could be kiddies = oh won’t somebody please think of the children learning about Ritchie being a WGCE.

    I bet Ritchie called up Net Nanny to tell them Tim Eats Babies Because He’s A Right Winger.

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