Vaguely coherent idiocy

Even the most vocal supporters of the current order admit that a competitive economy produces winners and losers.

Err, no, they don\’t.

In fact, we say that all in a market (for this is what \”competition\” means here) economy are winners from the existence of the market economy.

If you can\’t quite get yourself over that little intellectual hurdle then perhaps the steeplechase of discussing economics isn\’t quite for you.

4 thoughts on “Vaguely coherent idiocy”

  1. well I understand what you’re getting at, but it is true to say “a competitive economy produces winners and losers”.

    For example, two restaurants competing in a small market may see one go bust and one flourish. It’s not exactly stretching the English language to call that creating one winner and one loser.

    I’m not sure it makes sense to interpret somebody saying something other than they meant to, and they criticize them because the thing they didn’t mean to say doesn’t make any sense.

    You might also go on to point out that’s over all we’re better off that we would be in a non-competitive economy (we’re all winners! apart from that bloke over there whose restaurant has just gone bust), that non-competitive economy has winners and losers too (2 bid for state restaurant franchise, only 1 won) etc.

  2. In a non competitive economy there are winners and losers too. Workers on collective farm 337, making a worse living than the commissar being whisked by in a Zil.

    The factors which decide who are winners and who are losers are different, of course.

  3. Schumpter and Creative Destruction, I know you know the author and the concept Tim. I can link to you using the term, and you should buy and read his Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, its very good.

    In aggregate you might be correct to say that there are no losers in capitalism because capitalism has tended to raise living standards for all, but for someone concerned with liberty, that seems a very odd view to take.

    Being counter-intuitive is cool, that is why people read Chris Dillow. Being counter-intuitive, as you are trying to be above, and wrong is not cool.

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