Who, Who?

An international superstar told a court she felt \’vulnerable and violated\’ after a blackmailer gained possession of highly sensitive pictures of her.

The celebrity received a series of threatening and anonymous letters and emails from the crook, demanding she hand over tens of thousands of pounds in return for the images.

The musician – who cannot be named for legal reasons – would have suffered enormous personal distress and embarrassment if the 27 photographs stored on one of two Apple Mac laptops stolen from her home had surfaced.

The identity of the victim, who has a home in London, is known to this newspaper but cannot be revealed because of a strict court order, which also bans us from revealing her age, nationality and whether she is in a relationship or has children.

Can\’t be Madge as she published a book of photos of it all: admittedly when it was all rather younger.

What or who could it be? Ms. Imbruglia getting it on with Kylie? Ms. Lewis and an Avatar? Cheryl without makeup?

9 thoughts on “Who, Who?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    If they have been banned from revealing her nationality and she “has a home in London” she is unlikely to be British.

    Thank God because I really didn’t want to see more of Ms. Cole.

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