Yes Will

Mr. Hutton:

But an income contingent loan allows that repayments will fluctuate with the ability to repay – and is much fairer to the borrower. One of the ways to revive both the housing market and business investment is to introduce such loans.

We already have those for business of course. They\’re called \”equity\”.

2 thoughts on “Yes Will”

  1. An “income contingent loan” is not a way to revive economic activity. It is a way to stifle revenue to banks, which will stifle future loans and future investments by those banks, which will stifle jobs at those banks as well as the ones created by the investments made by those banks.

    If a bank invents such a loan, fine. It’s their business to do it as they please. But if some government hack FORCES such lending on banks, as the American system has suffered under the Democrats, crushing our housing market and wrecking the worldwide economy, well then that’s the ghost of Mao at work.

    A lot of Mao fans in power in the USA right now.

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