You what?

Mike McKenna, director of Kronospan\’s Chirk factory, said the subsidies for electricity generators which use biomass encouraged them to take \”the easy option\” of burning freshly felled timber.

He told BBC Radio Wales: \”The easy option for them is cutting down trees and burning them for electricity generation.

\”That\’s because the subsidies are worth more than twice the value of the wood.

Please can we hang Chris Huhne?

4 thoughts on “You what?”

  1. Until the price of wood goes up because of the lack of wood for non-bio-fuel purposes. Burning freshly felled timber will only last until the price changes. It’s not fixed.

    Personally I blame it on Jonathon Porritt.

  2. Why hang Huhne? It was his Labour predecessor that introduced the RO. Wouldn’t it be better to lobby him to change something he probably hasn’t had time to look at yet?

  3. Nah, hang him just to be on the safe side.

    If you’re paying more to burn something than its market value then this is directly comparable to fuelling your central heating with bundles of tenners. It’s a mark of the fundamental disconnect from reality that these people exhibit.

  4. You’re misrepresenting this. It’s actually a Law of Unintended Consequences deal – the point is to subsidise companies to burn waste wood instead of landfilling it (at which point, the value of the wood is irrelevant – the only question is the social cost of landfill). But because of the recession, global timber prices have collapsed to levels where utility companies can game the system by buying new timber and treating it as waste wood.

    The question is: 1) to what extent is this actually happening? 2) will timber prices rise to levels where it’ll stop happening soon enough that changing the law would be irrelevant?, and therefore 3) does changing the law make sense, or would it be better to wait until the market corrects itself?

    But it’s easier to just say “hang ’em all”, of course.

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