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Far from being the deepest cuts in modern times, the Institute for Fiscal Studies calculates the proposed 3.6% real-terms cuts in public spending over fives years are only the deepest since 1976.

Hardly the slaughter of the innocents, is it?

1 thought on “Your data point of the day”

  1. How can 3.6% cuts over 5 years be considered “deep”?

    Deep is 20% in one year. The UK should cut back to balance the budget and pay off debts.

    If you borrow to maintain spending, then less is available for companies to try and expand and create jobs.

    If you tax it, all you are doing is taking money from one pocket (taxpayer) and putting it into another (public sector) with all the various sticky fingers and friction along the way. To think this somehow stimulates the economy is to be in denial of where the money comes from.

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