A very nice piece of logic indeed

From Dizzy.

I don\’t actually agree with it for as is well known, my views on this subject are well outside the mainstream (for the avoidance of doubt, killing people is wrong except in immediate self defence or the course of a Just War and yes, this is killing people).

But it is a very nice piece of logic there.

3 thoughts on “A very nice piece of logic indeed”

  1. I find it odd that people can hold firm, yet logical, anti-abortion views, yet insist there is such a thing as a ‘just war’ where people can legitimately be killed.


    Tim adds: “Just War” is really an extension of self defence.

  2. I have been trying to work out what your views are , you seem to be rather anti abortion .I am ,but not to the point of valuing a few cells in a fetishistic way.
    What exactly is yourn posish ?

    BTW- Killing people is not intrinsically right or wrong at all . It might be justified on all sorts of grounds
    Dizzy does nice turn there but if you support the death penlty it works less well . it used to be the presumption that the innocent who dies had died as a soldier for the greater good

  3. The entire abortion discussion is pointless — the women who abort don’t want the baby and that’s the real issue.

    Dizzy makes a good side argument, but really, there is no shortage of children in this world, but a dearth of willing, competent mothers.

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