An open letter to Melissa Benn

Dear Ms. Benn,

Your recent Guardian column is headlined: \”A covert war on schools.

Behind Gove\’s new agenda, the state school system is being persistently undermined\”

Yes, this is the fucking point of it all.

yours etc.

Tim Worstall

3 thoughts on “An open letter to Melissa Benn”

  1. “the state school system is being persistently undermined”: yes, by the Forces of Progress – and yet they seem to take little satisfaction in their handiwork, the greatest act of philistinism in British history. It’s now so crap that we’d be better off abolishing it.

  2. Local Education Authorities are being eliminated, with all secondaries due to be come acadamies, many with a clutch of primary schools under their wings.

    Academies are directly monitored by Whitehall, unlike Community and Foundation schools which are monitored by LEAs.

    Is the system being undermined? That depend how much lighter a hand Whitehall has than LEAs.

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