Bastards, bastards, bastards

The company has been ordered to explain itself by the Cabinet Office after pledging not to squeeze suppliers to deliver some of the £800m of savings the Government is demanding from the industry.

Despite the assurance, Serco – which runs prisons, nuclear facilities and ports for the Coalition – has demanded a blanket 2.5pc cash rebate from suppliers and threatened them with the loss of future contracts.

Well, for a start, it\’s not a cash rebate, it\’s a credit note to be applied against future invoices.

But what\’s got me confused is why is everyone complaining about  this, insisting that Serco are some form of super bastards?

What the hell does anyone think a prime contractor is going to do to subcontractors when there\’s pressure to reduce costs?


1 thought on “Bastards, bastards, bastards”

  1. Sounds like it’s a better move to not notify your suppliers that you’re looking for a cheaper deal and thus their gig is up for grabs, just get the quotes in and the quietly drop the companies that cannot match it. Never mind that had they been notified, they may have been able to lessen their costs.

    Or, could it be that the idea of deflation down the food chain is unpopular with TPTB?

    Ps.:I’m expecting a letter from Tesco any moment now, demanding that I stop buying from Aldi and return to shop with them(or else!)

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