Best description of the Colbert/Stewart rally yet

When the American nomenklatura rouse themselves from their featherbedded tuffets and gather to try to mock the kulaks

7 thoughts on “Best description of the Colbert/Stewart rally yet”

  1. I have mentioned elsewhere that I think that the Stewart Sanity rally is interesting.

    Most demos are *against* something that government wishes to impose. The Sanity rally was in support of politics that would be considered Christian Union in europe.

    The Stewart Sanity rally was *for* something.

    The organisers failed to understand distribution of humour. In a class of 30 kids, there will be one who cracks good jokes and writes pithy notes on the blackboard. That one kid in thirty is not necessarily going to be around to write demo plackards

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Charlieman – “Most demos are *against* something that government wishes to impose. … The Stewart Sanity rally was *for* something.”

    Sure. It was for Stuff White People Like.

    But that is the key isn’t it? Stewart just doesn’t get people who want to be left alone. He does not understand that freedom is about people who are against things like well meaning Government interference in our lives. People who are in favour of things tend to be in favour of things like banning McHappy Meals. They are the problem and to be avoided.

  3. Tim you are usually keen to mock stupidity, what’s stopping you when the stupid is right-wing stupid?

    Tim adds: Clearly and obviously my ideological blinkers that don’t allow me to see “right wing” things as stupidity.

    Or, perhaps, that having lived and worked in the US I do see that they have a nomenklatura and one to be despised just as much as the original Soviet one of our own quangocrats.

  4. does this mean that when you see Jon Stewart taking the piss out of some knucklehead Fox News mouth-breathers, you despise Stewart for being a member of the elite and come over all defensive w.r.t good old earthy newscaster of the people Fox?

    I am really surprised.

    Tim adds: So would I be: for I never (well, except for the rugby) watch television. So I’ve never watched Stewart and have thus had no reaction to him in any manner.

  5. eh?

    so the Stewart rally is nomenklatura mocking kulaks, you despise nomenklatura …. implies you despise Stewart … but you’ve never watched him.

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