Can you say Commons Tragedy?

Kinder Scout, one of the most famous mountain tops in Britain, is to be fenced off in a controversial effort to return the bleak plateau to natural moorland after 200 years of pollution and overgrazing.

It\’s not in fact pollution and overgrazing which is the problem:

“Kinder Scout is one of our most iconic landscapes because of its vast open moorland, the diversity of wildlife that calls it home and it was the location for the world famous mass trespass in 1932, a key moment in the campaign for better access to the countrysid,\” he said.

“However, it is also one of the most damaged areas of moorland in the UK and its future is in jeopardy as a result of catastrophic wildfires, a long history of overgrazing, air pollution and the routes that thousands of visitors have taken.

There\’s 100,000 such visitors a year.

It really is this same old certainty. When and if demand for a resource, under open access rules, exceeds either the supply or the regenerative capacity of the resource, then limitations upon open access have to be imposed.

You simply cannot allow any and everyone (not when it\’s 100,000 a year) to tramp across the same piece of fragile moorland. Nor can the entire 60 million of us go mushrooming, fish Cardigan Bay from our kayak or any other of the myriad things which are just fine as long as only a few people do them.

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