Compass\’ feminism seminar cont. part III

Gender Part 10 – where are the lesbians in public life asks Hannah Blythen

Rather a lot of them appear to be acting in films on this \’ere internet thing.

The fact that only 0.3 per cent of MPs are out lesbians is a breathtakingly low statistic,

That women make up around 50% of the adult population, lesbians some 1% of that adult female population: 0.3% to 0.5% doesn\’t really seem all that \”breathtakingly low\” actually.

Hannah Blythen, LGBT Labour

But keep repeating the number Hannah. It\’ll no doubt help you gain a safe seat.

8 thoughts on “Compass\’ feminism seminar cont. part III”

  1. Snap! I left this comment a few minutes ago…

    “The fact that only 0.3 per cent of MPs are out lesbians is a breathtakingly low statistic, but this figure is not surprising when you take into account that women still only make up 22 per cent of all MPs.”

    Well, quite. The 0.3% figure is a bit of a red herring when only 22% are physically able to be lesbians. It would be more relevant to say that 1.5% of female MPs are out lesbians, and 4.1% of male MPs are gay. Since the ONS found recently that 1.5% of the population is gay, lesbians would seem to be accurately represented amongst female MPs (while gay men are over-represented). The fact that lesbians are not represented as a total of MPs is due solely to the lack of female politicians. It is, in other words, a gender equality issue rather than a sexuality equality issue.

  2. Actually, dearieme, hang around at ‘CiF’ too long and you’ll find there is indeed a bitter war being waged by all the ‘isms’, particularly gay vs transexual…

  3. Christopher Snowdon,

    Their hand wringing distracts from the obvious – I don’t care ‘what’ is representing me, ‘who’ or to a large degree what party they belong to, just that they are doing a good job. Too many of them ain’t and you don’t fix that with BLT quotas.

    Where has this specious insistence that our representatives must accurately reflect the population come from? Are they by another way saying that heterosexuals cannot empathise with homeosexual concerns, understand their arguments and issues and legislate accordingly?

    It always looks to me like a means to parachute in an unassailable figurehead who can spout forth on political lines whilst hiding behind their sexuality/gender/race/religion. A trump card in any discussion if you see what I mean, along the lines of ‘I am a lesbian therefore I am right when it comes to lesbian issues’.

  4. We should have more MPs, that way the statistics would even out a bit more towards the general population, and people like Hannah would have much less relative power, and be paid less too.

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