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QUENTIN LETTS: Need such a plonking trollop as Sally Bercow be on the wedding guest list?


For Mr. Speaker is the premier commoner in the Kingdom, ranking before all other such. In fact, other than the royals themselves, a couple of prelates, the PM and the Lord Chancellor, he\’s primo, numero uno.

So he gets an invite, certainly. Which means that yes, she does too. For precisely the same reason that we\’ll all be calling Kate Queen Catherine. Because, whether anyone likes it or not, a married woman takes on the status of her husband.

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  1. Given that most Mayors represent the Queen under the Local Government Act 1972 (and probably various preceding statutes) doesn’t that put another few hundred commoners above the Bercows?

  2. “Because, whether anyone likes it or not, a married woman takes on the status of her husband.”

    And if the woman is more famous or richer than her husband the husband sometimes takes on the status of his wife. The couple’s surname can be that of either husband or wife in these modern times, though the majority still use the husband’s, or both can keep their original surnames. A nightmare for future genealogists.

  3. Neil,

    Lord Mayors and Lord Provosts only represent the Queen in her absence and in their own town areas (ditto Lord Lieutenants). The Lord Mayor of London, of their post, specifically ranks below the Speaker.

    As for non-Lord Mayors: “The chairman of a district council shall have precedence in the district, but not so as prejudicially to affect Her Majesty’s royal prerogative.”

  4. Here’s a radical idea:

    Instead of changing the entire order of precedence just because some tit with an awful wife got elected to a certain positionwhy don’t we just stop electing tits with awful wives to senior positions?

  5. There is an easy solution. Hold the wedding in Edinburgh -the Speaker doesn’t appear on the Scottish Order of Precedence as far as I can see. (Source: Whitaker’s 2002).

  6. According to the latest Warrant amendment (1999), the Speaker of the House of Commons only appears on the Scottish Order of Precedence as a Privy Councillor. Albeit that is immediately below Knights of the Thistle.

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