Dem rioting youf and the overthrow of capitalism

Seen it before really:

A few coachloads of students went from my university down to the big Grosvenor Square demo and the ensuing scrap with the police led to the same sort of headlines that we can read this morning. Then, as now, there was concern, there was anger, there was indignation, but above all, the whole thing was tremendous fun.
Whether you are a member of the Bullingdon or a militant Trot, the sound of breaking glass is deeply satisfying to a young man, and today, as in 1968, the press reports will be avidly scanned by the protesters. Politicians and columnists will huff puff and fulminate, and in a week or two the whole business will be forgotten.
The leaders from 1968 must be feeling nostalgic too. Jack Straw, still a student in the second half of his twenties now a right-wing Rt.Hon., Tariq Ali (comfortable media person) Daniel Cohn-Bendit (aka Danny Le Rouge) (Eurocrat) Anna Ford, then President Manchester SU, (media celeb) will all be able to get out their press clippings and have a good old wallow.

3 thoughts on “Dem rioting youf and the overthrow of capitalism”

  1. That pleasure in the sound of broken glass seems to be creeping downthe social scale.

    Would Belloc now write,
    “Like many of the middle class, he loved the sound of broken glass”?

  2. Not forgetting the young Joschka Fischer, in the frame for allegedly trying to burn a policeman to death, and damn near succeeding.

  3. Don’t have to go back to 68.
    Jack Dromey (his legal advisor being Harriet Harman) were doing this at Grunwick in about 1978.

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