Eh? Why resign?

The comedian, who replaced Adrian Chiles on the programme six months ago, walked out last night amid allegations that he shared sexual internet messages with female fans.

The latest reports come weeks after Manford was forced to apologise for sending explicit Twitter messages to a female fan and asking her to send him topless pictures of herself.

Human beings use new communications method to get sex.


Human beings use every communication method ever invented to at least try and get sex.

Male human beings have always used status as a way of trying to get sex: because female human beings have always been liable to use male status as a marker of who they\’ll have sex with.

So, high status male uses new communication method to try….well, this really isn\’t all that surprising now, is it?

WFT did anyone think was going to happen?

8 thoughts on “Eh? Why resign?”

  1. But this is the BBC, they only employ new men. This is a new breed of species that has been willed in to existence and it cannot be allowed to conform to evolutionary stereotypes.

    The One Show seems to be the proving ground for the species as demonstrated by its previous new man host who ratted on some guest for telling a non conformist joke.

  2. A related article states the woman was 22, so it’s not a consent issue either. Nor is there any claim of harrasment that I’ve seen…

    This is like apologising for swearing in front of the kids isn’t it? Which isn’t a great way to illustrate the way the BBC views its audience.

  3. Wow, you guys are being obtuse.

    He’s a married man with kids. He was soliciting sex from strangers. The One Show is a family show. The BBC don’t want it fronted by someone who the viewers will associate with a sordid sex life, with self-centred cruelty, and with broken homes. A lot of its viewers are married women. The BBC don’t want it fronted by someone who treats his own wife like shit. Look at the photo of him in that story. See the way there’s a Great Ormond Street Hospital logo just behind him? Think they want to be associated with that sort of thing? Etc, etc, etc.

    Interesting, SimonF, that you think only new men are faithful to their wives. Couple of hundred years ago, men caught at this sort of thing would be made persona non grata in polite society to the extent they’d end up emigrating to start new lives where no-one had heard of them. Read some Austen or some O’Brian.

  4. Squander Two – I’ve read some Austen. Crawford, in Mansfield Park, runs away with another guy’s wife, and while that means he loses the heroine, Jane Austen explicitly notes that society in general doesn’t punish him.

  5. Speak for yourself, John.

    That’s not the same situation. Firstly, the reason Austen mentions it is that it’s not the norm. What author writing today would even think of telling us society didn’t punish such actions?

    Secondly, we’re not talking about running away with another man’s wife; we’re talking about abandoning his own wife and children.

  6. “we’re talking about abandoning his own wife and children.”

    No, you’re talking about that, we’re talking about boobie pictures.

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