Expect the methodology of this calculation to change

Really, it can\’t be allowed to stand that Kentucky, Kentucky!, be a better place than France.

So expect the Human Development Index to have some tweaking…..

5 thoughts on “Expect the methodology of this calculation to change”

  1. Mais naturellement! ‘ow can marrying one’s sister and playing ze banjo beat posing around ze rive gauche trying to impress ze belles filles by speaking bollocks about Jean-Paul. Zat’s Satre for you ignorant English philistines.

  2. “Yeah, in Hull (incest capital of Britain, so I am reliably informed) banjo playing is a rare skill.”

    Indeed, very difficult when you have six fingers on one hand and seven on the other.

    Tim adds: ERm, no, that makes playing a stringed insturment easier….

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