Gosh, this is a surprise!

They want government action to limit families to just two children and propose a crackdown on immigration to slash Scotland\’s population by a quarter.
But radical green group the Optimum Population Trust – branded \”eco-fascist\” by opponents – has now won the backing of some MSPs and will today stage a major conference at the Scottish Parliament.
Prominent supporters of the OPT include its patron, BBC naturalist Sir David Attenborough and scientist Dr James Lovelock, whose \”Gaia\” hypothesis suggests that the Earth is a single organism and humanity is destined to be wiped out unless it reduces environmental damage.
Government green adviser Sir Jonathon Porritt, who also briefs Prince Charles on environmental issues, is another top OPT figure.
…the OPT believes Scotland and Britain must do their part to stabilise the world\’s population, which could rise to more than nine billion within 40 years. They want the UK population to fall to as low as 30 million, with Scotland playing its part in the reduction.

Lessee, can I translate this for you?

Sir David Frederick Attenborough OM, CH, CVO, CBE, FRS, FZS, FSA

The Hon. Sir Jonathon Espie Porritt, CBE, (a Baronet note, and Old Etonian)

James Lovelock, CH, CBE, FRS

\”There\’s just too many of you damn oiks and plebs so stop bloody breeding will you?\”

Yes, I think that about covers it.

15 thoughts on “Gosh, this is a surprise!”

  1. Well, apart from forcible abortions and so on, I guess government action would be limited to not paying child support for any kid over the official ration.

    For someone who thinks HMG shouldn’t be paying any child support that might be seen as a step in the right direction.

  2. We should keep putting these guys on the spot.

    “So, Sir David , you want to kill a load of Black people, do you?”

    “So, Sir Jonathon, you want to sterilise all the brown people ?”

    “So Mr Lovelock, your goddess requires blood sacrifice or she’s going to get all Old Testament on us?”

  3. More people on the planet could mean more pollution.

    Fortunately in the UK all we need to do is just stop paying people to come here (giving new immigrants free housing is paying people to come here)/ have more children and the population will shrink without any objectionable actions.

  4. I don’t think their plans go far enough. I think the aim should be to reduce the Scottish population by about 95%. By the end of the year.

  5. The Remittance Man,

    Yet these people, as far as I know, aren’t campaigning for the limiting of child benefits.

    They would rather abuse the authority of the State to stop something from happening than stop the State from making something happen. Their entire view of the State is that it must be pro-active and meddling or it is nothing. That the population must be ‘controlled’ rather than merely reflect what individual families can afford with limited or no subsidy.

  6. Anyone who believes the Earth is one single organism is a fucking nutter who should be shuffling around Edinburgh in slippers yelling expletives, not being invited into their Parliament.

  7. Just had this discussed on BBC Radio Scotland. In the well known BBC commitment to balance on the one side they talked to ecofascist Moonbat on how the government should be preventing the oiks breeding & on the other another variety of ecofascist who wanted government to enforce poverty in the name of cutting CO2 first.

    Obviously no possibility of any beeboid ever allowing their precious airwaves to be polluted by anybody who says there is no problem (at least none not caused by government controls) & the fascist parasites should just get out of the way. After all the BBC have a duty to silence non-fascists.

  8. The state requires the services of 20000 Coitus Interruptus Officers (people with convictions for peeping tommery may apply). You must be healthy and capable of pulling a man off (please don’t misinterpret this statement) a woman prior to male orgasm. Your services will be on a call out basis. Couples who are feeling frisky will be legally required to register their friskyness with the Scottish Office of Friskyness (SCOF) who will licence rumpy pumpy if (a) the couple have not engaged in rumpy pumpy in the previous seven days and (b) a licenced Coitus Interruptus Officer is available for immediate dispatch.

    Making whoopee in the absence of a Coitus Interruptus Officer will be illegal and result in the mandatory castration of the male partner.

    All couples, married and de facto, must sleep in separate rooms.

    The Heterosexual Sex Prevention Squad will have powers to force couples to stand at least 2m apart and to raid homes to test the warmth of beds to see if couples are sleeping together (thanks to the Apartheid government for this idea). In such circumstances, internal examinations will be carried out immediately followed by summary castration where appropriate.

    Being up the duff with a third carbon polluting sprog will constitute prima facie evidence of a crime against humanity. Gaia (PBUH) will be appeased by the guilty party being tossed off (again no misinterpretation) Ben Nevis.

    Homosexuality will be taught in schools and encouraged through the tax system.

    Any guilty bastard who thinks their vile despicable behaviour warrants an appeal, may do so to the Most High Council of Gaia (PBUH), comprising: Sir David Fruit Bat Attenborough, Johnnie Why was I born Porritt and Jimmy What’s a brain cell Lovelock.

  9. I can’t seem to find out how many children James Lovelock has, but note that he has 9 grandchildren, the maximum allowed under his system would be 4. Perhaps someone should ask him which 5 he thinks should not have been born.

  10. @Giles – You don’t expect them to be consistent. They are totally driven by their hearts. Thinking doesn’t come into it. They don’t use any scientific principles at all either.

  11. John Rentoul has an occassional series of articles, “questions to which the answer is no”.

    I propose a concurrent, constant series “questions to which the answer is Hitler”

  12. @DocBud: As a resident of That Place North of The Border I do wish you wouldn’t give that other well-known nutter, Alex “Slippery” Salmond, ideas.

    Someone once mentioned “renewable energy” to him and look where that got us. No sustainable energy sources for the medium term, but lots of hot air and motionless turbines.

    He has a weakness for grabbing ideas without thinking.

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