History doesn\’t repeat itself, no

But there is a tendency for it to rhyme occasionally:

Alice Miles was a white indentuired servant who was convicted of \”fornication with a Negro\”. The Yorke County court ordered that she be whipped \”until her backe be bloody\”.

5 thoughts on “History doesn\’t repeat itself, no”

  1. Being an indentured servant where basically you
    worked for nothing but were fed and clothed was originally ,as here ,for white people.It had a huge revival in the late nineteenth century(history repeating itself) when it was a replacement for slavery which is how all the Indians and some Chinese found their way to the W.I .and Fiji.These were paid on completion of terms of service with small plots of land.History repeats itself again now when people tie themselves to rubbish employers who barely keep them in food and clothing but allow them out the other side with a small property.

  2. “when people tie themselves to rubbish employers”

    How are people tied to rubbish employers? (other than working for the Government, obviously).

  3. Hmmm, so you were Googling the words Alice, Miles and Child. Did you find any more recent examples, probably with ears no larger than the average?

  4. @KT
    They tie themselves to rubbish employers to get the mortgage paid and after serving for twice or more times the indentured labourers served come out with a small property.Its not really mortgage slavery; its more like mortgage indentured labour.

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