Infamy, infamy, they\’ve all got it in for me!

I see The Guardian has decided to declare war on the finances of Schloss Worstall.

In Britain, we have flooded the night with sodium orange: even away from towns lights shine out across the landscape and the sky, though it may be starless, is almost never the Bible-black of Dylan Thomas\’s imagination. How much we have lost – and how welcome the news that some councils are dimming their street lights to save money and energy, and in doing so reducing insidious pollution.

As regular readers will know those street lamps are powered by a sodium/scandium iodide cycle and the Worstall finances depend upon the sale of scandium into the lighting industry.

The reduction in light being advocated here is thus clearly a direct attack upon my finances.

Does this mean I\’m allowed to go destroy their offices as they\’ve, without an electoral mandate, decided to take away my living?

Or doe that justification only apply to students?

6 thoughts on “Infamy, infamy, they\’ve all got it in for me!”

  1. This whole thing about light pollution is bollocks IMO. There are places to stand and see the stars without any ground interference, but you have to make an effort to go there as by definition they are in places generally away from civilisation and not convenient to get to. I’ve been camping in the hills around Lampeter, South Pembrokeshire, the Brecon Beacons, and South Sakhalin and have had no difficulty seeing as many stars as it is possible to see with the naked eye.

    Those who want to be able to step into their back garden and see the stars probably also want to have a nice paved road out the front, broadband internet access, a good school nearby, close proximity to a supermarket, a railways station nearby, etc. They need to prioritise what they really want, not have their cake and eat it.

  2. Brilliant, the Guardian supporting an action which will guarantee more women and vulnerable people will be attacked on the streets

    These aren’t even unforeseen circumstances, but perfectly foreseeable for anyone willing and able to think…oh

  3. “Does this mean I’m allowed to go destroy their offices as they’ve, without an electoral mandate, decided to take away my living?

    Or does that justification only apply to students?”

    You’re an evil capitalist, Tim, daring to make your own living, rather than taking taxpayer’s money for filling children’s heads with extremist lunacy. Of course it doesn’t apply to you.

    And Rob has a very good point. Street lights light as much as they do for a reason.

  4. Looks to me very far from clear but whether cutting back on street lighting will increase crime, reduce crime or do bugger-all to crime. But in the absence of any firm evidence either way I’d like the lights to stay on in London cos it makes me feel safer, and the guys who want to look at the stars can drive to the countryside where you can see them just fine.

  5. For me, it’s always a relief to get back to France & leave behind the brown skies of southern England. French seem to be able to live without lighting every piece of tarmac. Why can’t the Brits. They also use a lot more white lighting in their towns making them much more attractive at night.

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