Interesting email I\’ve just received

The Google Corporate Services & Tools Team has recently launched Google webmail software to protect and secure all Google Accounts. This system also enhanced efficient networking and fully supported browser system. To upgrade your Account with this fully supported browser system, you must provide the full details below for validation purpose and to confirm your registration details on the new webmail central system.     User’s Name:                            Password:   Present Country:    Note: Your Account will be deleted permanently if you failed to provide the details below. Gmail will not be heard responsible for your negligence.   Thanks for your Co-operation.

Shall I?

6 thoughts on “Interesting email I\’ve just received”

  1. No.

    “Gmail will not be heard responsible for your negligence”

    Should have been

    Gmail will not be herd responsible for your negligence

    Alan Douglas

  2. Some of the banking ones which take you to a website are actually pretty good these days. They at least look reasonably legit. In fact, the bloke who writes them probably sits within a kilometre of where I’m sitting!

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