Kernow News

Landslide cuts off Britain as storms hit south west.

The main train line out of Britain has been blocked by a landslide, cutting off the country from Cornwall, as storms bring flooding and disruption to large parts of the south west.

Emergency supplies of pasties are being prepared to feed those cut off and will be shipped north of the Tamar as soon as John Penhaligon can get the boat\’s engine working properly.

5 thoughts on “Kernow News”

  1. I’m reminded of the apocryphal early 20th century London newspaper headline: “Fog in the Channel. Continent isolated.”

    Tim adds: Darn, I was hoping the (very little) joke would take rather longer than that to unravel.

  2. Why would emergency supplies of pasties from Cornwall be needed?

    Everyone knows the best pasties are made in Devon. Even the best Cornish pasties are made in Devon.

  3. @mister_choos

    They used to say the same about the Dundee Courier. I thought it was a joke until the ferry Estonia sank in the Baltic. The Courier headline was “Ferry sinks in Baltic Sea. 800 lost. Dundee ex-councillor nearly on board”

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