Language, language

On one side of an increasingly bitter row are the trustees of the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Trust, led by Lord Armstrong, who was Sir Edward\’s private secretary at Number 10 and went on to become Margaret Thatcher\’s Cabinet Secretary, coining the memorable phrase \”economical with the truth\”.

The trustees see no future for the museum. They want to close it to the public, sell the £6 million house and hand over the proceeds to good causes supported by Sir Edward in his lifetime.

On the other side are an increasingly-vocal group of campaigners who want to save Arundells for the nation.

It\’s this \”save for the nation\” bit that grates.

Absolutely no one at all is suggesting that a rather gorgeous Georgian house in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral is going to be torn down, moved, or even changed in any manner.

So it doesn\’t need \”saving for the nation\”.

The suggestion only is that it be moved from a low value use, as a museum to Sir Edward, to a higher value use: perhaps as a family home. As moving assets from low to high value uses is the very definition of the creation of wealth then perhaps it really ought to go ahead.

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  1. Should I feel guilty I was an official objector to the planning application to turn it into a museum in the first place. My objection, I seem to remember, was that it would fail in its purpose to remind us of Sir Edward’s role in our nation unless it had his head stuck on a spike over the front entrance.
    My objection was over ruled by the committee but I think maybe if they had followed it the museum would be thriving.

  2. In fact said house should be raised to the ground, and the land sown with salt, as a way of reminding us what a traitor Heath was.

  3. @Kay Tie: sorry, yes, razed not raised. I was trying to invoke the spirit of ‘carthago delenda est’. To destroy every last item that related to Heath and leave the blasted space as a warning to others.

  4. On the other side are an increasingly-vocal group of campaigners who want to save Arundells for the nation….. so that they can continue to enjoy its use at tax payers’ expense.

    More rent seekers, as if the longest sulk in history hadn’t cost us enough.

  5. You’ll notice that the volume of the “increasingly vocal” group is mentioned but not it’s size. Iv’e known two-year olds that become “increasingly vocal” when their demands aren’t met. A smart slapping of the backside usually suffices to bring about a return to the reality based community.

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