Letter to the Observer

(No, not from me).

Yet at no point does Fry entertain the notion that women may not be seeking anonymous sexual encounters in public places because of fears for their own safety. Fry\’s observation on the dearth of sexual adventuring among women takes no account of rape, sexual assault or any fear of sexual violence.

Women don\’t go cottaging because if they did they might have unwanted sex?

Wasn\’t that part of Fry\’s point?

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Observer”

  1. I don’t think that’s entirely fair. I’m not a cottaging expert (honest, guv), but I’m assuming that if you’re a big buff queen and someone you don’t fancy tries to go for you in the bogs, then you can make very clear to them where to go, by breaking their head – whereas if you’re Kate Moss-shaped and someone tries the same, you don’t have much of a chance.

  2. If you go to Fry’s website, he has 1,700 words explaining that while he’s not read the news articles or the interview and he can’t remember exactly what he said, he definitely doesn’t believe any of the things that he may have said/may be quoted as saying/may be reported to be quoted as saying.

    I was going to comment to ask if it wouldn’t be simpler to actually read the interview, then just tell us if he said them, but I lost interest when I had to register.

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