Miserably stupid twats

The European Union will block access for Chinese companies bidding for publicly funded contracts unless businesses from Europe get the same access in China, under new proposals tabled in Brussels.

The point of having someone coming in to bid for a public contract is so that that public contract gets done more cheaply/better than if it were done by government directly. And the more people we have bidding on such contracts the better we think the deal we\’ll get is. The less the taxpayers will have to shell out to get more of whatever it is.

This is true wherever the bidders originate from: more of them is better. For what we actually care about is how much do we have to pay to get our bridge/tunnel/bag of bureaucrats\’ pencils delivered to us.

We should therefore welcome Chinese companies bidding on such contracts: for we don\’t in fact care where they come from, only for what they will deliver to us.

That China doesn\’t allow their own citizens to benefit from what we can do more cheaply/better for them makes Chinese taxpayers poorer but not us.

The EU here really is committing the great mercantilist sin. They really are saying that because you won\’t let us save your taxpayers\’ money then we, in a fit of Gallic arrogance of quite monumental stupidity, will not allow you to save our taxpayers\’ money.

Fuck \’em. So who has the key to that warehouse where we put the tumbrils after the events of 1794?

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  1. Objectively you’re right. But if Chinese companies want the contracts in Europe (which they probably do) why not try to do the Chinese a favour by letting them have access to competitive tenders from Europe? Might not Chinese taxpayers/citizens benefit from more competition? If there are European companies with contracts in China it’ll also create lobbies against protectionist policies in Europe as they’ll want to avoid retaliation from the Chinese.

  2. This is something you’ve stressed often. While I understand the benefit of the Chinese bidding for our contracts, don’t we also benefit from bidding on their contracts? We gain the chance of an additional income stream that we can choose to make use of or not.

    Do we really gain more from the Chinese making their citizens poorer than from the option to increase our income?

  3. While Tim regularly stresses the ‘Imports make us rich’ part the ‘Exports are the drudge we do to pay for it’ gets glossed over a little too much for my tastes.

    So just for my own clarification what is it we are actually supposed to export? Obviously not mining or manufacturing, but now it appears Tim is against us exporting services (or at least against making any effort to allow exports). Is there anything left? Because damned if I can think of anything.

    Tim adds: Anything that they want to buy, obviously. But if they’re going to be stupid and prevent themselves from buying our lovely products, that’s their lookout, not ours.

  4. Does the fact that China doesn’t want to buy anything at all of us invalidate that argument? Because while I’m sure these ideas works beautifully in theory, I think in reality it ends badly.

    (OK so China does hire in a few British firms for specialist work, engineers mainly in my experience, but they do try and leach you dry so they won’t have to hire you again next time)

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