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Years ago, more than I really care to remember, I was working as a waiter in a restaurant and there was one partiular track on the music tape that I thought was just astounding. No, not a tape you could take out and look at, this was one of those centrally made tape loops that were supplied to all places in the chain.

It was two, more likely three, boogie pianists really giving it some welly. It was being played (and recorded) live, in front of a large audience. And it was old (from the quality and also from the style of the playing. There are good boogie pianists nowadays but not really quite of the very top notch quality).

I\’d always pinned it down to being somewhere just pre-war. Style, audience, recording etc.

And I\’ve never really been able to find it elsewhere. OK, so I don\’t obsessively go into every jazz record shop I see and ask about it, but I have done a few times over the years.

And now I think (following a comment left here a day or two ago…which I cannot now find) that I\’ve found where it came from.


The Carnegie Hall \”From Spirituals to Swing\” concerts of 1938 and 1939.

Albert Ammons, James Johnson, Meade Lux Lewis.

Several different pieces.

Now, the thing that surprises me is that I can\’t seem to find this on the net. Oh, the CD I can, but I can\’t find a playable version. Spotify doesn\’t work for me (as with the other streaming services, they\’re country by country availability). Even though the mechanical copyright (ie, this version of the songs) is well out of date (and I would assume the songwriters\’ copyrights, although that\’s more moot).

So, if anyone does know where (I certainly can\’t find it on YouTube for example, and I would have expected someone to have uploaded that album really) there are versions of these, I\’d be most grateful.

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  1. James Johnson? He played stride piano.You must mean Pete Johnson (recorded ‘Roll’em Pete’ with Joe Turner vocals ,possibly first rock and roll track.Jerry Lee Lewis always called his own music just boogie).
    You ‘ve made this bleg before.So I’ll say again: they were recorded extensively as the Boogie Woogie Trio.Loads of citations on Net though their original album will cost you 100 GB pounds.Though as the proponent of market theory you wo’nt jib at that.
    I quoted From Spirituals to Swing under “So much for dilettantes” yesterday evening (not days ago) so on the in one ear and out the other principle you will have forgotten that I adduced Meade Lux Lewis’s appearance at Carnegie Hall as an example of definitive dilettante John Hammond’s selfless promotion of neglected artists.He also tried to rescue James P Johnson BTW.
    (Thanks to market imperfections nobody was selling much music in the 30’s.Columbia was taken over by its British subsidiary : John Hammond ,who wrote for Melodymaker,was supposed to have been involved.)
    As a personal bleg I would appreciate an explanation of how you think the money supply increases if FRB and the money multipler are not involved as you assert below. Not all of us can afford to be dilettanti, owing ,in part, to the weirdness of the money creation system.

  2. Perhaps if you were willing to spend some money,you would n’t have gone two years and more without this track.

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