Neal Lawson\’s history

With the demarcation of ‘separate spheres\’ for women and men during the Industrial Revolution, the selection of household goods and management became overwhelmingly the responsibility of women.


Is this some sort of special history where we get to make up whatever we like? That, for example, gender differences in occupation or the division of labour are an invention of industrial capitalism?

This in what is usually described as a hunter gatherer species? A hunter gatherer species in which we can see signs of gender specialisation for certain types of labour? You know, differences in perspiration and sweat glands? Physiques? Endurance? Muscle strength?


5 thoughts on “Neal Lawson\’s history”

  1. Jeez, has this p**ck never wondered why women didn’t get the vote till the C20th?
    Up until fairly recently a woman didn’t have a separate existance from the ‘home’.

  2. John – in the 19th century Britain passed a law against prostitution that meant that any unaccompanied woman on the streets in certain cities could be picked up by the police and examined for VD, on the grounds that she was likely a prostitute. And you can imagine the sort of men who would volunteer for this job.

    Upper-class women weren’t affected, at the time they didn’t go out alone, if nothing else they would have a maid with them.
    One can easily imagine what would happen to the electoral prospects of a government today that passed such a law.

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