Not all ideas transfer from country to country

Two headlines:

Weather forecasts should include Australian style updates on water shortages
Weather forecasts should include reports on the state of local rivers and reservoirs, conservationists have suggested, as a way of making people save water.

Fortnight of rain to fall in 24 hours
Two weeks\’ worth of rain will fall in 24 hours from today, causing flooding and travel disruption for large parts of Britain, forecasters warned.

English weather reports would come with the \”please leave your taps on to stop the reservoirs overflowing\” warnings?

5 thoughts on “Not all ideas transfer from country to country”

  1. The idea here is not that such messages have utility, but that they foster the constant state or appearance of crisis which is necessary for Environmentalism.

  2. Ecoloons are so fucking unradical. How could they have failed to demand daily reports of the risk of bush fires?

  3. When I was relatively new to England, I was amused one summer when the media started to use the word “drought” after it had failed to rain for a couple of months. I suppose that they invented the word, but for us a drought is when it doesn’t rain for two years, not two months. On other occasions, I was surprised when there was flooding after what to me seemed only quite moderate rain.

    The issue of water in Australia is different to here. It doesn’t rain all that often, but when it rains it rains a lot. Because of this, Australian cities have enormous reservoirs (Warragamba dam, which supplies most of Sydney’s water, is one of the largest reservoirs used for urban water supply in the world) and we get nervous when their water levels get low. We also get nervous when their water levels get high, as the resultant floods are potentially problematic. None of this is an issue in England, where it just drizzles a lot.

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