Oh dearie me, no

A report commissioned by the Department of Health says GPs\’ administrative support teams should be radically altered to cut costs.

However, doctors and surgery staff say the proposal is \”flawed\”.

The plan would involve centralising appointment bookings through a national call centre, clearing surgeries of thousands of staff.


It\’s insane. The NHS already suffers hugely from over centralisation.

Quite apart from the fact that GPs are in fact independent businesses, not arms of that over centralised organisation anyway.

No, go away.

3 thoughts on “Oh dearie me, no”

  1. People having direct experience of the scaled, fanged creature guarding access to the GPs as keenly as Smaug ever guarded his horde of gold will probably jump at the option, though…

  2. Indeed. I have a general rule of thumb that if GPs are opposed to something it must be a good idea. It’s not that treating patients is a low priority for them, more that I don’t think it’s a priority at all.

  3. In the Spanish Basque Country we have a centralised reservation system for GPs located in what is probably the equivalent of the very largest practices in the UK (Public Health Centres). We run our own system (although linked intimately with the Spanish one) but we cover only 2.5 million people. The system works but you lose local info input like is the pediatrician mine or a substitute (I might wait a week or two if she’s not available if it is not urgent), there are more hiccups and the whole thing is totally and utterly impersonal (major problem for our elders, which is where I am rapidly heading). I cannot imagine what it would be like to centralise for 60million and far more centres. I suspect that the support staff will not disappear as as one GP popinted out in the TeleGraph they do a load of othe vital stuff. Vast sums, deadlines shot to shreds, innumerable cock-ups and finally an admission that it doesn’t work. You read it here

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