On the meaning of the riots in London

Yes, of course, SWPpers everywhere will be announcing that this is the start of the revolution, the student masses only now have to link up with the working classes and capitalism will be over.

Just a note of caution though: do not forget that rioting is actually fun. Wrap those juicy teenage hormones in a cloak of righteous indignance, season with ignorance and it\’s really rather enjoyable to smash a few things and then stand up to The Man in the form of the Metropolitan Police.

If they\’re willing to do this at 6 am in the rain thn yes, we can safely assume that they really are angry. Until then….

5 thoughts on “On the meaning of the riots in London”

  1. As for linking up with the working classes, that would be the low-income workers who are taxed to pay the middle-class students’ tiotion fees?

  2. rioting is actually fun.

    It’s all good fun till someone loses an eye, as one of my high school contemporaries did, thanks to a plastic bullet, in a riot in NI.

  3. A 6 am start might be tricky, but the rain is just a matter of careful direction of a large enough water cannon.

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