On urban myths

Yes, nice piece, including a great all time classic.


Not all of the messages contained in urban myths are as innocent. As they serve to express and reinforce the preoccupations and fears of the societies in which they circulate, it\’s no surprise that some are less than savoury. The tale of sexually promiscuous \”Aids Mary\” or \”Aids Harry\”, who inject unsuspecting sexual partners with contaminated blood, is a particularly nasty instance.

The thing is, there have been instances of this, even prosecutions. Not an urban myth at all.

2 thoughts on “On urban myths”

  1. Me, too, Rab.

    That’s only two of us that ain’t done Mary and ain’t gonna.

    Kind of makes you feel bad for all the rest, eh?

    (Now, her sister–that’s a story of a different color!)

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