The sabotaging of public health by the food industry is universally recognised.


And there I was thinking it was just the crank fringe who thought that corporations made money by poisoning their customers.

That this man was hired to set up the Food Standards Agency rather shows what\’s gone wrong with our system of governance. We\’ve let the crank fringe into the policy making citadel.

See Sustainable Development Commission et al for more examples.

11 thoughts on “Rilly?”

  1. The Victorians were very familiar with food suppliers poisoning their customers. And we don’t have to look very far to see the same effect – tainted narcotics.

    I think that food standards is one of the areas that the state has a legitimate role. Look to places that have weak protections and you see contaminated baby milk or engine oil sold as cooking oil.

  2. Kay Tie, there is a big difference between regulating to make sure that people don’t eat lumps of cold poison (or handfuls of hot gravel) and regulating something which is not poisonous, e.g. a maccas (though disgusting and inedible by those with a discerning palate it may be) and which is equally not harmful if consumed as part of a balanced diet.

  3. “it became clear that ministers were under intense pressure from the food industry to exclude nutrition and focus solely on food safety.”

    For sabotaging read selling food that Waitrose doesn’t cheaply enough that the poor can afford it.

  4. Oh, I’m no fan of the ecomentalhippy attitude to food and the fact that these nutjobs have got hold of the levers of power. I was merely countering Tim’s point that there’s no incentive to poison one’s customers when there clearly is.

    I do regularly eat the produce of Mr. Ronny McD’s establishment and jolly fine it is too. I have not been poisoned by them ever, whereas I once ate some sun-dried pineapple pieces produced ethically in Africa by fair traded farmers, imported by ecohippies and sold at the Eden Project and then the whole night upchucking everything I’d eaten since age 9.

  5. The nutjobs have their hands on the levers of power in many areas… “Tobacco control”, “Alcohol control”, “Obesity”, “Climate Change (or whatever they’re calling it this week)”, “Road safety”, just to name a few.

    Letting zealots set the agenda is not a sensible thing to do, a shame that our cretinous politicians don’t have the sense to realise it.

  6. You’ve really got me concerned now, Kay Tie. Assuming that you are not 9 + a day or two, and hesitating to dare hazard a guess at a ladies age, if your bowel movements are that irregular you really should see a doctor ASAP. The hippies probably saved your life.

    I’d also have to question your judgement, fruit left lying around in the African sun for all manner of nasty insects to lay their larvae in sounds decidedly risky. Ethical means without the use of chemicals, like soap and washing up liquid.

  7. There is a difference between “poisoning” and “making as much profit as possible from cheap, unhealthy, but delicious, crap that keeps you alive long enough to keep consuming it thus increasing said profit”.

  8. “fruit left lying around in the African sun for all manner of nasty insects to lay their larvae in sounds decidedly risky.”

    But it was in a nice colour plastic bag in a nice shop at the Eden Centre. I made the assumption that such nice ecohippies wouldn’t want to poison me.

  9. The evilness of Guardian columnists is universally recognized.

    Somehow, I think the columnist would have a problem with that grandiose statement.

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