Sex, politics and foreigners

Not sure whether I can get all that outraged about this:

The third is Nicole Minetti, a 25-year-old former showgirl and dancer turned dental hygienist who helped treat the prime minister after a mentally ill assailant smashed a statue into his face. Earlier this year Mr Berlusconi put her up for election to the Lombard Regional Assembly, where she now sits.

What is it that anyone expects a billionaire Italian politician to do?

And it\’s not just Italians. The Russian President Prime Minister President in waiting has put his mistress, a former gymnast and the mother of a child of his, into the Duma, no one\’s quite sure how Rachida Dati got anywhere if she wasn\’t shagging Sarkozy and at least one French Prime Minister was appointed because she was shagging, or had shagged, the then President.

Our system is of course entirely different: historically at least the by blow kiddies of the head of state were given Dukedoms.

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  1. On the assumption that these people were elected, by a fair system, to office- sometimes the case, sometimes not- who cares? Being a politicians mistress should be neither a passport nor a bar to office.

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