So much for the dilettantes and the luvvies then, eh?

That is the paradox of the Chess story. The brothers were not musical visionaries; they were small-time \”indie\” record men making a quick buck from the poorest, least respected people in America. But their cheaply recorded, bread-and-butter discs of local street musicians and bar bands still sound as fresh today as they did 60 years ago. By failing to be timely, they succeeded in being timeless.

Just don\’t think that any form of cultural commissars would have recorded that same music, somehow.

1 thought on “So much for the dilettantes and the luvvies then, eh?”

  1. Definitive liberal dilettante John Hammond did quite a lot,rescuing Meade Lux Lewis from cab-driving and putting him on at Carnegie Hall in From Spirituals to Swing in 1938 and sponsoring a list as long as your arm.Signed up Bob Dylan to Columbia late on .

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