So what are these poppies all about then?

I knew him well enough to ask why he was crying and he said it was because he had just been to see his mother and she had been crying. It was the seventieth anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, and she always cried on the anniversary of that battle. Her three brothers had been killed on the same day but the telegrams had arrived a week apart.

That year, I bought a poppy. And I bought one this year, as I have every year since.

The poppy appeal.


1 thought on “So what are these poppies all about then?”

  1. My grandfather was shot at the Somme , lucky him , got home with a knackered arm and shoulder but was one of the few to live.

    Never met him , he died in the nut house quite young but had six kids one of whom had me . there must be hundreds of descendants now

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