So you\’re an artiste then, are you?

Paul Hetherington of the National Library of Australia said, “Donald Friend did not see himself as limited by traditional Judeo-Christian values.”

Friend was described by Barry Pearce, the head curator of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, as having “an ebullient, artistic personality, daunting, witty, and at times devastatingly sarcastic. He was not a pedophile,” said Pearce.

The very famous Australian Barry Humphries, actor, comedian, writer and social commentator (the “Edna Everage” character) described Friend’s way of life as “benevolent pedophilia” …

James Murdoch, an art historian who knew Friend during the Bali time, says “The reality is the boys seduced him.”

Buggering boys is just fine if you\’re an artist then, eh?

4 thoughts on “So you\’re an artiste then, are you?”

  1. I’ll bet if Noncie boy Donald laid a finger on a child fathered by Paul, Barry, James or Barry they wouldn’t be gushing quite so loudly about “benevolent pedophilia”. But so long as his victims are little brown boys miles away from their kids, it’s okay.

    The hypocrisy of the luvvie classes; don’t you love it?

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