The book, the book

One of the strange ways that Amazon works is that the more popular a book becomes (as measured by rising sales) the more money they take off the price.

So as the world gears up for the debut (hotly awaited!) of the book in which I insult all and sundry in the environmental movement, the price is falling at Amazon. (Sample insult:

Just in case there are any still confused, perhaps Caroline or Jonathan have picked up this book by mistake or something, allow me to explain quite why directing people into more labour intensive jobs is, in and of itself, a bad thing (you at the nef can move your lips along as the rest of us read as well).)

25% off today and still 26 days to go to release.

And, as I understand it, as the pre-release discounts get ever greater everyone who has pre-ordered gets those greater discounts.

So you can save money not just for yourself but for other readers of this blog by ordering now!

Err, yes, there will be a certain amount of this promotion going on over the next couple of months.

10 thoughts on “The book, the book”

  1. And, as I understand it, as the pre-release discounts get ever greater everyone who has pre-ordered gets those greater discounts.

    This is correct. Had this happen a couple of times.

  2. But does this not suggest that I as a rational being (often) should not buy now but wait for others to buy in the hope it gets even cheaper?

    Plus, of course, if we buy through your site’s link you get some extra much deserved pennies.

    Tim adds: No, because all who buy pre-release will get the maximum discount on offer pre-release. So by buying you will drive down the price for yourself as well as others.

  3. Tim,

    Perhaps you would be so good as to furnish your post with a link to the relevant page on amazon?

    I’m sure that many of readers will find such a thing most useful.


    Tim adds: When I look at the post there is that Amazon listing for the book there. And it’s also up at top left of the blog. Is it not showing for you?

  4. And if those who are buying would click on the “Request a Kindle edition from the publisher” link while they are there, that would be good too. (I read books mainly when I am traveling. I travel light. Physical books are therefore a nuisance). 

    Tim adds: There will, in time, be a Kindle version I’m told. Don’t know when though.

  5. I thought we were holding back on ordering in order to create a rush?

    Tim adds: Umm, yes, but on the basis of sell early, sell often and sell late…..or perhaps I’m just getting a little excited?

  6. Tim, being a little excited over getting your book out is entirely understandable. I’d be dancing on the ceiling in your situation. Well done!

  7. Have you considered adding value by offering to add customised insults when you sign the books?


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