The Book! The Book!

Coming at the end of this month, your dose of increased Worstallism!


At 155,000 in the best sellers lists already!

Err, no, don\’t rush out and buy it now. Worth saving up for a splurge around the actual release date of the end of this month. Won\’t get you a copy any faster to sign up now anyway.

5 thoughts on “The Book! The Book!”

  1. Advance sales might be worth money to you.

    Assume that the publisher judges the print run based on advance sales. Publisher estimates that 10,000 copies will do and orders it.

    If you get lucky, the 10,000 copies are sold, and the publisher looks at whether a reprint is required. Unfortunately for you, the sales figures suggest you’ll only sell a further 3,000 copies which isn’t worth it for the publisher.

    However, if your advance sales had provoked an initial print run of 15,000, you’d benefit from 3,000 extra royalties.

  2. Amazon will take my order now, so I’ve ordered mine to make sure I get one before they sell out, as they surely will.

    Good luck!

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