They should have done this week one

Theresa May axes Harman\’s Law
A legal duty forcing public bodies to help reduce inequality caused by class disadvantage is to be scrapped.

There\’s a whole series of these little land mines inserted into legislation: like the requirement to look at the effects of policy changes on gender equality (that\’s what Fawcett is challenging part of the cuts on).

The Coalition would have been sensible to repeal all of those little bits and bobs on day one: they were put there in the first place to bind a future Parliament anyway, something that really isn\’t quite on.

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  1. “like the requirement to look at the effects of policy changes on gender equality”

    It is a canny landmine too, one that preys on the lack of spine many Ministers have. The legislation doesn’t require equality, merely require that the effects on the different genders (or whatever) have been considered. Due to the craven and needy nature of politicians the outcome will often be the same as requiring gender equality without the legislation actually requiring it. They wouldn’t want the bad publicity.

    The legislation doesn’t really need repealing, we need to elect MPs with spines who are prepared to make the point I think you have before now – that those who benefited the most under particular policies tend to be the ones who lose the most when those policies are stopped or reversed.

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